Multi-lingual applicants are strongly desired! As an international exchange, being able to natively interact with more users is one of our core goals.

Desired Education:
- Bachelor's degree in a technical field
- AWS certification is a big plus
- Bonus for degrees in: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering

Ruby on Rails

Are you a full-stack developer? with strong database skills and a passion for clean code? Wolowz needed Security and performance tuning for back-ends and enhances usability in front-ends. He has a serious background in machine learning, recommendation systems, and search.

Good-old C/C++ developer

If you pride yourself in writing highly efficient and reliable C++ code; know STL, Boost, in-memory data structures; have experience in building fault-tolerant systems from the ground up without leveraging 3rd-party libraries, then come and help us build the fastest matching-engine in the world.

Java developer

If you can write high-quality code in Java 7/8, know MySQL, MongoDB, Spring, Tomcat, Redis well, then come and join our hardworking and humble Java team.

Android developer

If you can write robust and full-featured Android trading apps, with minimal size and network footprint, come and join our Android team.

Content Writers

If you are a good writer, I could use some help. There are so much to write about Wolowz and cryptocurrency. Write to us.

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