User Agreement

This User Agreement is an electronic lawfully restricting contract between You (hereinafter the “Client”) and WOLOWZ Exchange Service (hereinafter the “Administration” or WOLOWZ), which applies to User’s action on the Service utilizing this site, its usefulness, administrations, and its material. By enlisting and entering a record on the Service or by utilizing any of its capacities, a User recognizes that he has perused, comprehended and totally consents to conform to this Agreement, its everything terms and conditions expressed underneath.

The Service maintains whatever authority is needed to change, include or evacuate parts of the Agreement whenever at its sole prudence. The Client resolves to screen every one of the revisions made to the present User Agreement. Proceeded with the utilization of the Service after the changes imply that the User acknowledges and concurs with the revisions. In the event that the User does not concur with any of the provisions set out in this Agreement, he/she (they) should quickly stop utilizing the Service.

1 Terms and conditions

Agreement means the present User Agreement.

  • User: an individual or an element, which utilizes the Service, consented to the Terms of Use and is a holder of an Account.
  • Account implies the User’s own profile enlisted by her/him/them on the Service where he/she/they controls Funds and tasks led with them.
  • Seller is a client who puts in a sell request for Cryptocurrency on the Service.
  • Buyer is a client who a puts in a purchase request for Cryptocurrency on the Service.
  • Order implies an understanding between the Buyer and the Seller to trade
  • Price is a cost in digital currency units, at which the User is prepared to purchase or move Cryptocurrency utilizing the Service.
  • Commission – an expense charged by or for the benefit of an outsider (for example non-bank monetary foundation, installment specialist organization, and so on).
  • Cryptocurrency – shared decentralized advanced portrayal of significant worth (for instance bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and so on.).
  • Deposit – a Transaction including an exchange of Funds to the Account.
  • Fiat cash – official money that is assigned as legitimate delicate in its nation of issuance through government pronouncement, control, or law.
  • Funds – Cryptocurrency and Fiat cash.
  • Platform – a domain made by WOLOWZ that permits exchanging cryptographic forms of money.
  • Service is the stage with all and any administrations given by WOLOWZ
  • The site is com site at https://
  • Transaction Price: the complete cost paid by the Buyer concerning every Transaction performed utilizing the Service.
  • Transaction: exchange of Cryptocurrencies or Fiat monetary forms by the User to his or her Account (“Deposit Transaction”); exchange of Cryptocurrencies or Fiat monetary forms among the Users (“Trading Transaction”), withdrawal of Cryptocurrencies or Fiat monetary forms from his or her Account (“Withdrawal Transaction”).
  • Withdrawal: a Transaction including an exchange of Funds from the User’s Account to any record opened in any money related foundation.
  • Listing is the procedure of Cryptocurrency sending on the Service;
  • Delisting is the procedure of Cryptocurrency expulsion from the Service;

2 Subject of the agreement

2.1 WOLOWZ is an online computerized resource Service with an objective to enable all Users of the Service to exchange digital currencies with different Users. As per the Agreement WOLOWZ awards the User the privilege to utilize its following administrations:

  • access to the Account and the User’s Funds inside the Service;
  • access to the Service to complete User’s exchanging activity;
  • access to deposit and to withdraw the User’s Funds;
  • access to the live chat software to speak with different Users;
  • access to the data about the Service, coin rates, place open and close requests just as other suitable data distributed by the Service on its site and open channels.

2.2 The User recognizes and concurs that WOLOWZ is an online advanced resource Service, and when the User is finishing Trading Transactions, he/she (they) is exchanging with other Users, barring any probability to consider WOLOWZ as a counterparty to any exchange activity.

3 Account verification

3.1 WOLOWZ leaves at the User’s sole circumspection the privilege to pick a type of his/her account: confirmed (with the User’s character information and photograph) or unconfirmed ones.

The accompanying choices are accessible for checked records as they were:

  • Unlimited day by day cryptographic money withdrawals;
  • Option to recoup Two-Factor Authentication;
  • Option to recoup the entrance to the User’s profile;

3.2 For clients with unconfirmed records there are day by day sum constraints for withdrawals. The constraint esteem is diverse for each coin and determined on the Funds page of the Service in the area “Withdrawals”.

3.3 WOLOWZ maintains whatever authority is needed to ask for a User who claims an unconfirmed record to present his/her character subtleties (incl. ID information and the User’s photograph (selfie)) in the event that when the User’s action is discovered suspicious by the WOLOWZCompliance officer as per AML policy.

3.4 WOLOWZ maintains whatever authority is needed to ask for a User who claims a checked record to present his/her character subtleties (incl. ID and the User’s photograph (selfie)) in the event that when recently gave the User’s character subtleties appear to have counterfeit imprints.

3.5 If there should arise an occurrence of the User’s postponement or refusal to give such data, WOLOWZ maintains whatever authority is needed to suspend the User’s record alongside solidifying every one of the assets, accessible right now of suspending, till the snapshot of giving the asked for data.

3.6 WOLOWZ is not obliged to help the User to recoup his/her unsubstantiated record in the event that when the User has lost his Google 2FA recovery code or the access to the referenced mobile application.

4 The Service obligations

4.1 To try every sensible exertion to encourage and guarantee successful exchanges between the Users.

4.2 To give candidates with the age 18 y.o. or older, more established access to enroll and fill in close to home records;

4.3 To get digital forms of money from the User, keep them, track them, execute exchanges and give them to the User upon his/her demand.

4.4 To track the fiat cash exchanged to the Account. Cash exchanges amid the Account recharging and withdrawals also while executing Deals between the Users are done by outsiders (aggregators, installment foundations and different facilitators). WOLOWZ is not at risk for activities of these outsiders.

4.5 To guarantee the security, privacy of personal information submitted to the Service, and modify its safety efforts when conceivable.

4.6 To give clients a consistently developing determination of cryptographic forms of money and their market sets.

4.7 Transaction cost will be determined dependent on the real significant offers made by the Users and will incorporate the appropriate commission charges.

4.8 As soon as explicit offers available to be purchased and buy of Cryptocurrency coordinate, such offers may not be renounced.

4.9 All assets, including digital money, saved by the User into the User’s record, will be put away by the Service for her/his benefit, as per the subtleties (coin account addresses) determined in the profile of the User.

4.10 To give and keep up API the Service and its Cryptocurrency matches so as to improve the User’s choices of exchanging on the Service, maintaining whatever authority is needed to suspend and continue API for any market sets whenever at WOLOWZ sole caution.

4.11 To survey on a week after week premise all cryptographic forms of money on the Service to guarantee every one of them is steady with WOLOWZ posting strategy, maintaining all authority to expel any digital currency or market from the Service as per WOLOWZ delisting arrangement (interface).

5 The User obligations

5.1 The User ensures that she/he will utilize the Service exclusively to impact exchanges as per the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and that she/he has the privilege and chance to exchange on the Service.

5.2 The User concurs not to use the Service for unlawful exercises, including, however not constrained to, laundering of cash, financing of psychological warfare, or any sort of tasks delivering a negative impact on the Service working effectiveness.

5.3 The User concurs, that in the event that she/he needs to keep in excess of 200 open requests at any given moment, she/he is obliged to illuminate the Support focus, determining the purpose behind doing as such.

5.4 The User concurs, that if her/his open requests are totally out of market (for example deviation from the present market value in excess of multiple times), in the event that the quantity of these requests is unnecessarily extensive, the Service has the privilege to drop them, in light of the fact that the said-above requests are considered as dump arranges and may delude for different Users of the Service.

5.5 The Service is proposed for exchange and/or trade of digital forms of money exchanges. Coordinate exchange of digital currency assets or fiat cash through the Service without exchanging is precluded and will prompt the record end without discounting of the rest of the parity of the record.

5.6 The User ensures not to unveil any data, acquired from the Service bolster administrator, in any channels of correspondence. Infringement of this standard will prompt a punishment which is liable to be characterized relying upon a sort of the data unveiled (up to account end without discounting of the rest of the parity of the record).

5.7 The User concurs, that checking the newsfeed, distributed at the significant segment of the Website, or in informal communities or other open records of the Service, is a mandatory state of utilizing the Service. The User consents to shoulder sole duty regarding any misfortunes of assets, brought about by disregard of the Service warnings or proposals.

5.8 The User comprehends and concurs, that his/her cases and demands would be taken care of just whenever submitted to an official email address ( or by means of ticket in the User’s record; claims or demands submitted in discussions, informal organizations or other open sources can be disregarded or answered with a postponement.

5.9 The User comprehends the significance of keeping a record secret phrase, mystery word and Google 2FA recuperation code, he/she is the one to decide the most ideal approach to spare this information and find a way to keep it from being ruined.

5.10 The User concurs that the Service maintains whatever authority is needed to decline to help a User in his/her case for a record recuperation on the off chance that he/she can’t give any adequate proof (new selfie and client’s ID photographs, screen captures from individual wallets which the Support focus may think about sensible to ask for), of his/her record proprietorship.

6 The User conduct

6.1 The Following clients’ activities whenever recognized in the talk rooms and WOLOWZ internet-based life will result in a client’s record freezing for a period from 24 hours to 30 working days:

  • advertisement of any sort.
  • making bargains without a request position.
  • statements that instigate ethnic hardship, proliferate viciousness in any frame, irritate the religious sentiments of different clients.
  • flood (the position of a similar kind of data, one rehashing phrase, or similar realistic documents), fire, spam, a discourse of political subjects.
  • the utilization of non-regulating vocabulary (both unequivocally and in masked shape).
  • distribution connects to outsider online tasks, promoting joins.
  • distribution of pernicious connections (30 days boycott as a punishment for one occurrence, or lifetime boycott whenever rehashed).
  • offensive articulations about the organization, mediators, damaging proclamations about the talk.
  • writing just capitalized letters.

6.2 The Following clients’ activities whenever recognized will result in a client forbidding with no refund and the alternative for recuperation:

  • If found out that the User’s movement is bearing the signs of abusing bots programming at various markets for which API is suspended on WOLOWZ Service.

Kindly, note: Exploiting any kind of web-bot programming on WOLOWZ which permits its clients deceitfully stay away from API disabling for a picked market is illicit and is liable to a lifetime boycott with no recompensation of the User’s subsidizes accessible right now of punishment.

  • Depositing mining incomes specifically into a User’s record with recurrence in excess of 6 times each hour.

Kindly, note: saving mining incomes specifically into a User’s record with recurrence more than 1 up to 6 times each hour will infer 30 days boycott punishment with no client’s entitlement to guarantee for the recuperation of these incomes in the event that they are lost.

6.3 The client can be obstructed by the choice of the Service organization without clarifying the reason, however with installment of the accessible assets on the record, subject to check (This standard does not make a difference to situations where reserves were acquired deceitfully (robbery, thievery, duplicity etc.)).

6.4 Any User who gets any sort of punishment maintains whatever authority is needed to address the Service Administration and submit verifications of its misinterpreting or open expressions of remorse. Contingent upon subtleties of an occurrence, the punishment can be dropped or decreased and every one of User’s assets whenever was frozen can be opened and came back to the proprietor.

6.5 Any infringement, which recently brought about a client’s boycott and the subsequent recuperation, if there should arise an occurrence of a reiteration of the infringement results in a client’s lifetime boycott with no alternative for recompensation and no choice to apply for recuperation.

7 Limitation of liability

7.1 The User recognizes and concurs, the Service will not be at risk for any of User’s misfortunes caused by any of the accompanying occasions, including yet not restricted to:

  • Failure or postponement of administration coming about because of scheduled system update (incl. expanding of the reported update time frame) or outside variables, for example, equipment and programming failure, digital assaults, cataclysmic event, Internet specialist organization issues or legislative acts.
  • Failure or postponement of administration coming about because of digital currency developers’ action or inertia just as a disappointment of their blockchains or some other specialized issues and occasions in their systems explicit for cryptographic forms of money recorded on the Service.
  • Losses supported by the User because of digital assaults bargained clients’ records.
  • The User’s misconception of WOLOWZ Service standards and usefulness;
  • The User’s absence of involvement in exchanging cryptographic forms of money and any misfortunes supported for that benefit;
  • Delisting a digital currency which stopped to relate the Service Listing approach;
  • Withdrawing assets outside of the Service to a mistyped address or a location situated on a blockchain unique in relation to the one on the Service.
  • Losses continued by the User because of his/her losing the entrance to his/her record (incl. because of losing Google 2FA recuperation code).
  • Losses supported by the User because of his/her saving assets onto his/her WOLOWZ account with a recurrence in excess of 6 times each hour.
  • WOLOWZ does not warrant the 100% wellbeing of the Service and is not subjected for any lost esteem.
  • WOLOWZ won’t be subject for any outcomes and misfortunes supported by the User in the aftereffect of utilizing or diverting to outsiders’ destinations and its instruments, which the User can get to by means of the Site or potentially the Service.

8 Fees and comissions

8.1 The market exchange expense is determined as per the Exchange’s size of charges as set out in the article “WOLOWZ Fees, Bonuses and Order value venture” on the Service site. The expense is charged just if there should be an occurrence of a request satisfaction. In the event of a request abrogation before its satisfaction, the expense is not charged.

8.2 The withdrawal commission is charged amid the procedure of a Cryptocurrency withdrawal to cover the system expense for the assets changes inside blockchain arrange.

8.3 The Exchange maintains all authority to change the rates of expenses and commission whenever at its sole carefulness.

9 Cryptocurrency wallets control

9.1. We thusly proclaim that WOLOWZ is not and never will be subsidiary with any digital money developer group aside from GIO cash, that has been produced and is supported by WOLOWZ EXCHANGE group.

9.2. WOLOWZ is mindful just to give impeccable and secure equipment and programming condition for the cryptographic money wallet, that fit the proposals, given by digital money designers group while posting process, assuming any.

9.3. WOLOWZ is not in charge of the nature of the wallet programming, digital currency organize state, and every single other issue being under the duty of cryptographic money designers group.

9.4. So as to counteract the loss of User’s assets, WOLOWZ claims all authority to suspend crafted by cryptographic money wallets because of the accompanying reasons:

  • By a Cryptocurrency developer’s demand got through the official channel of correspondence.
  • If a Cryptocurrency square pioneer is inaccessible and there is somewhere around one client’s case of non-conveyance of his/her withdrawal from WOLOWZ.
  • If the distinction in squares between a Cryptocurrency pilgrim and its wallet on WOLOWZ is in excess of 100 squares
  • If a fork (and swap) of a Cryptocurrency is identified or announced by clients in the event of WOLOWZ did not get an official warning from the designer group.
  • The first and second wallet refreshes have turned out to be flawed and bringing about non-conveyance of Users’ withdrawal from WOLOWZ.
  • Cyber assault planned to resource stealing is recognized.
  • Violations of the terms of the WOLOWZ Listing policy

Kindly, notice:

  • WOLOWZ is not obliged to suspend crafted by the digital currency wallet, barring the instance of cryptographic money designers group official demand.
  • The work of suspended wallets will be expeditiously continued after stopping the previously mentioned conditions or giving fixing modifications by a Cryptocurrency designer.

10 Risk warning

10.1 The User ensures that he/she comprehends general standards of Cryptocurrencies, and Cryptocurrency exchanging and knows about such fundamental elements as value instability; commissions, and expenses, uncertain digital forms of money, and so on influencing the advantage esteem and dangers identified with it.

10.2 The reality of a first request situation by the User affirms his/her familiarity with the primary exchanging standards on the Service and terms determined in this provision 1 Terms and descriptions of the current Agreement.

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